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Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Beth Eckel. I work as an Art Director at a digital ad agency and spend my spare time painting with oil and mixed media. I love to create paintings inspired by music incorporating objects like guitar strings and sheet music.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

Observing artists, musicians and dancers express themselves through each brushstroke, melody, and graceful movement ignites my artistic passion. As an artist, I find beauty in everything. Everything is inspiration and anything can be used in art.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

I’ve been an artist since the moment I could pick up a pencil. My love for art came early in life and it’s something I’ve always pursued. I’ve expressed my creativity in almost every media from sketching to painting to digital art, video and web design. My real passion comes from working with my hands- painting, drawing and discovering new objects that can inspire or even be part of the artwork.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

I like to create art that people can identify with and appreciate aesthetically, but my ultimate goal is to provide a lens into a different perspective and inspire others to explore their own creativity and self expression.

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

I love to travel, go to art galleries, museums, and tourist spots. I enjoy live music, theatre and nature. I like to take scenic walks with my dog and spend a lot of time with family and friends.

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

I went to an ArtLoveMagic show earlier this year and was inspired by the passion and talent of so many artists creating live. After chatting with some of the incredibly friendly artists and staff, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of. I was able to get a spot in the Art & Coffee show the following month and I have been in love with the art and magic of ArtLoveMagic ever since.

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?


How can someone contact you?

email: beth@betheckel.org
phone: 972-591-3306

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