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Tell us a bit about yourself….

My name is Elizabeth Fieler and I also go by Lizzybel. Most importantly, I am a mother to two amazing, beautiful, young ladies. I work hard for a living and enjoy playing on my time off. Art is a huge part of every aspect of my life. I specialize in charcoal portraiture and figurative work and hope to transcend my charcoal series of checkered bodies into sculptural work soon.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

Lately, my biggest inspiration has been to see change happening with myself. I enjoy growing, learning and morphing. I’m inspired because I wanna see how far I can push and how much I can pull. I don’t know my future, but I love wondering what it will be. As I create my work, I find myself meditating as I focus. I have time to focus and think, visualize what I need and want for myself and my kids. Art, for me, is therapuetic and rewarding on so many levels in my life. Once I complete a series, and I get to share that with my community, it brings fulfillment on many levels and inspires me to create more and more. Seems to be a positive cycle.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

On a more specific level, I’ve been working on photo-realistic charcoal pieces for about three years now. I started it because I knew it was a more difficult medium to work with and I wanted to master it. I also fell in love with drawing because I feel it is the root of ALL art. I knew eventually I would figure out exactly what I want it to grow into….. right now, it’s slowly morphing into working with light and shadows.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

Ultimately, I want my children to learn from whatever I do. For them to know that if they do what they are passionate about, they can accomplish whatever they wish for. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but it’s so incredibly true. I also just hope that with my talent, I can make some kind of impact. Maybe it be challenging people’s beliefs, creating new perspectives in people, challenging people to think philosophically, or something of that nature. To know that an impact like that has been made on other people through my art, would be incredible.

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

I very much enjoy philosophy, theoretical physics, astronomy, reading and wine. Haha, yes, wine.  🙂    I truly enjoy being around friends and family. I like laughing everyday and I like over analyzing things.  🙂

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

I heard about ArtLoveMagic through a friend and immediately asked for an internship with the organization. I totally wanted to learn all about what they do, how they work and everything else amazing about them! Since then, I have done several shows with ArtLoveMagic and continue to do volunteer work. There is always such amazing, positive energy around this group….

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?


I also have a show at TCC Northwest Campus, Lakeview Gallery up until November 3rd, 2012.

How can someone contact you?



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More girlShow 2011 pictures have rolled in. This time from attendee Tyson Sommer. He zoomed in and caught some beautiful colors and clarity at the show. Enjoy!

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Tell me a little bit about yourself…

My name is Elizabeth Fieler and I am also known by Lizzybel.  I am an artist, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and seeker. I love to smile and I love to laugh! I am a part-time bartender, but my passion is creating art of all kinds.  Currently I am working on a series of figure drawings integrated with black and white checkers.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

I think the main thing that inspires me to create is my children.  I have a deep need to be a good example for them to learn that anything is possible. If you want something, go get it! I also love to create because for me, it is meditative. It’s a break from everyday life, a time that I can zone out and forget all my stress. I also find that I love the feeling of completing a piece. It’s like having a birthday…. “I made it through another one! YaY!”

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

I have always loved art and it has always been a part of my life in some way or another. As for my photorealistic drawings, I started them in college with a huge push from a professor named John Hartley. He believed in me and pushed me to the edge of my talent. I’ve always known that I love to draw the human figure, from portraiture to nude models. I continue this form of art because I can’t seem to get enough! I want more, more, more!

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

Well, most of all, I want my children and my grand-children to always have something to remember about me. And yes I would also like to someday have a piece in a museum or even a gallery showing in Europe, but any way it goes, I know I’ll have a blast along the way.

As one of Dallas’ amazing artists, what advice would you offer to the next generation of creative females?

Well first I would recommend a very helpful book called “Taking the Leap”, by Cay Lang, and then I would say  “SMILE!  LAUGH! and eat any purple colored foods you can find because they make you more creative.”

Do you have a specific childhood memory that has inspired your life as an artist?

I remember my dad giving me a canvas and telling me to paint, I may have been seven or eight years old, standing in my garage in the Texas summer, listening to the Steve Miller band. That was awesome.

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do and contact you?

You can check out my website at   http://www.lizzybel.com   and contact me there, or find me on facebook!

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