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Female comedians have been a major part of building American culture for the past 100 years. From Lucille Ball hiding eggs in her blouse and attempting to hide horses from her husband to Tina Fey’s abnormal obsession of Star Wars and irrational fear of relationships, countless fans have been roaring with laughter throughout the decades.

There is a special place in my heart for comedians. “Why?” you might ask. Because I’m not funny. I blame it on being homeschooled.

And just like I don’t possess any skills of the humor variety, neither do I possess any skills of the juggling variety. Performance artists juggle three mediums: their words, their bodies, and people, otherwise known as the audience. Slam poets to actors juggle the former two mediums to engross the third in their balancing act. Then comedians come into the game and add an extra ball to the mix by blending their words, body language, and audience all while taking none of it seriously.

I’m not quite sure what they hide up their sleeves, aside from eggs and burrito crumbs, but what they pull out is as good as magic as they transform the dull into delightful, the tedious into tear-wrenching hilarity. We do not need to rewind when it comes to comedians, laughter is timeless as much as the lives that have created it to the lives that have emitted it. Laughter is a medium that any artist may intertwine within their lives, as an inspiration, a additional medium, or even a reprieve from their own mentality or creative blocks. As for myself, comedians have become an inspiration, not for my work, but for my life as a whole. For when I discovered comedians such as Lucille and Tina, for the first time in my life I realized, that after the countless shaking of heads due to my lack of feminine knowledge and the snickers after falling over from merely standing in (kitten) heels, I could work with my tube sock obsession rather than fighting against it. I figure if I didn’t “liz” when laughing too hard or try to turn someone on by eating pizza, I’d be alright, at least.


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